Conference presentations

Conference presentations using LSAC data presented at various LSAC, Australian and international conferences.

Research reports

Research reports using LSAC data present research findings on a range of topics. Find research reports through FLoSse Research.

Technical papers

Technical papers include information about weighting, non-response and other issues that data users should be aware of.  

Issues papers

Issues papers cover specific issues that data users should be aware of.

Discussion papers

Discussion papers include information about the design of the study and data management policies.


Newsletters provide an update on what's happening in the study and are sent to study stakeholders quarterly.

Annual reports

Annual reports provide an overview of the study at the end of each financial year, and include information about data collection and feature articles on a variety of topics. 

Annual statistical reports

Annual statistical reports cover a range of topics to provide a statistical overview of the information collected by the study.

Journal articles

Journal articles include research articles using LSAC data that have been published in Australian and international journals. Find journal articles through FLoSse Research.